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Why Mobile Slots Are So Attractive

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016

Why Mobile Slots Are So Attractive

The history of gambling is the history of the human race, and we have played the games of chance even at the earliest stages of human development. The adrenaline rush and the engaging elements are enough to make any many willing to gamble at least a little bit, and over the centuries – several types of games of chance have been invented. People can be very creative in their search for fun, and new methods of gambling are beneficial for the players and the casino owners as well. Also, games and ways of playing are continually changing and adapting to modernization, and one example of this occurrence can be seen in the case of pokies and other similar games.

pokie-machines-vs-online-pokies-335For those who are not informed, the term “pokies” is just an Australian word for slot machines or slots, and this “nickname” was derived from the phrase poker machines. Due to the astonishing popularity of those devices in the Land Down Under during the 80s and 90s, the term pokies has become widely accepted, and players all over the country are referring to the games with spinning reels as pokies. The rest of the world is still calling them slots, but the games are the same, and everything about them is identical.

mobile-slotsNowadays, the pokies are the most popular form of casino games, and brick and mortar casinos are still surviving because of the slots and poker machines. Over 200.000 machines are scattered around Australia, and the same pattern is visible all over the world. Around 40% of Australians are spinning reels on a regular basis, which perfectly demonstrates the popularity and attractive nature of these games. Modern pokies are now played on computers and laptops, but the new generation of devices is making a strong entrance into the world of gambling. Those new devices are smartphones and tablets, and mobile pokies are increasingly popular. The rise of iPhone and Android devices was a strong opportunity for casino operators who were looking for new methods of playing, and the fact that people can now access the pokies from the palm of their hand is something that not many people could anticipate a few decades ago.

MobileCasinoGames3Mobile gambling is simple and convenient, and pokies are no exception. They can be played on most types of smartphones and tablets, which means that players only need to visit a website of their casino operator and download an app. The rest of the process is straightforward and intuitive so that players can start with the wins in a very short period. Smartphones are now powerful enough to support demanding visual effects and animation, and when these elements are combined with captivating sound – the results can be amazing. Modern pokies have an interesting story line and a lot of different symbols, which means that the chances of scoring a bonus or opening up a mini-game are pretty high. The average payout rate is around 90%, which is another important reason why people enjoy playing pokies on their mobile devices.

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