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How to play the games of chance

The most popular online casinos

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016

The most popular online casinos

Isn’t this a great time to be alive? You can now light up a cigar if you wish, have a scotch, sit back in your favorite sofa in the comfort of your living room and a few clicks will transfer you into a casino. With the rise of the popularity of the online casinos, it is impossible that you never heard of them. They are everywhere. Offering fantastic deals and the experience similar to the one in the actual casino.

Sure, you might not be in a real casino, but all the elements are there. Your keyboard and mouse will be your hands, and the screen will represent the machine. You can choose whether you wish to play for fun or make it even more enjoyable and play for actual money. In any case, it is important to play in a real and reliable online casino.

Jackpot City Casino

2013112895858-jackpot-city-casino-mobileBeing one of the most popular and certainly one of the largest one online pokies, Jackpot City is surely your first choice when searching for an online casino. It is virtually impossible not to run into them when searching for a casino since they are everywhere. Offering an incredible $1600 for the first comers as a bonus, they are sure to turn a head of any first timer.  The reliability of the payment, as well as the reputation the casino has for the high quality and care for their games, make JC probably your top pic.

Royal Vegas Casino

royal-vegas-lobbyAnother great name in the online casino community is the one you are sure to come across more than once.  With over five hundred different games in their selection, they are the dream come true for any real lover of the pokies. With matched bonus up to $1200 and 20 free turns for each newcomer, they are also falling in line with other top casinos for the first time players. Doing business with Royal is always safe and secure, guaranteed by their security system and cooperation with the world’s leading online banking platforms like Neteller and Skrill.

Casinoland Online Casino

Casinoland-ScreenA real eye candy among the casinos online! If you wish your casino experience to be not only bright and flashy but also beautiful – look no further. The excellence of experience is regarded as the top most standard with Casinoland and they go far beyond the regular lengths to make sure you are enjoying every moment spent on their site. Playing here will always be a pleasure here and the $800 bonus for the first timers is always a good sign. There are hundreds of games here, and they all look premium, waiting just for you!


As there are thousands of casinos out there and the number steadily rising it is impossible to put them all on this list or even test them, so the final decision will always be your own. When checking the casino, always take care to check if the casino you are thinking of has good reviews!

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Best online Fruit Machines

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016

Best online Fruit Machines

If you’re an exponent of online poker, you’ll be happy to understand that currently, you’ll be able to play the constant game on your phone anyplace you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re unaccustomed to it or an extremely experienced poker player. With online poker games, you’ll be able to enter a table that supports your level to balance the players and their levels. This way you can’t play on a table with somebody who has thousands and thousands of dollar in his bank and level high above yours. The simplest issue concerning it’s that you just will play it anytime of the day just like in real casino that works 24/7 a day.

Pokies you ought to play

pokiesIf you would like to understand the distinction between an honest pokies game and dangerous one you should remember two things. Bonus chips are granted once you open and connect to your account with specific pokies game supplier. Not every pokies game provide bonus chips to players, therefore to get an advantage find those that have bonus chip icon next to transfer button or on the website next to the link. Another thing to remember about safe pokies is that a real one won’t ask for your bank account number until your register and connect your account with that game.

Safe bets

online-poker1You don’t need to spend all of your bonus chips in one game, that the smartest thing to do. Arrange how much you’re ready to pay at every table. If you’re an exponent of online poker machines, you’ll need to limit your coins per linen order to avoid bankruptcy. Slot machines typically have three rows with three or four fruits or shapes. You’ll be able to limit the coins that you invest for each row. This way you’ll be able to place constant quantity on all three lines. All you need to know about safe betting is that you should pick your tables as well as players on them. Avoid playing with big players when playing poker. They can win a match just by increasing the bet and making other players fold. Target players in a range of your level and limit your budget for every table that you enter. You can also do this for every bet you place, but you’ll never know when it’s good to bluff and when to step back.

 Know your limit

bovpr_onlinepokerTo avoid bankruptcy, you should try to understand how to prevent it any way you can. This applies to poker games, blackjack and slot machines. Discipline is vital for gambling. Therefore if you’re down in luck, and you’re losing on every pull, leave the table and take second to clear your head. This can help you to regain focus and probably bring your luck back. If this doesn’t do any help and you still lose stop gambling online for that day. Therefore it’s vital not to implement head on technique once each hand you get is a losing one.

Download the app now or visit your favorite casino website and begin gambling today.

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